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Professional Trail Horse Training

Glory Days Farm - Dedicated Trail Horse TrainersThe question we are most often asked is, "Whose training method do you all use?" (this must be the most frequent "just met" question since "What's your sign?"). The answer is we use OUR training method. We have been training horses for over 30 years - quite a long time before all of the "Train Your Own Horse" videos. Others can copy our verbiage and try to duplicate our methods but we ask you to come and see for yourself the finished Glory Days horse. We, of course, start all breeds then they go on to be trained in their particular field. We are TRAIL HORSE TRAINERS.


Cody has a new home with a lovely ten year old girl named Ellie.


Blair & "Apollo"

Blair & "Apollo"- Parents bought "Apollo" (TB) out of Florida for Blair. They sent him to Glory Days to be sure he could be a good trail horse for a young rider. After 30 days he knew all the right stuff and Blair came to ride and take him home. They were very happy to see one another. We love this "job"!    


Some of the reasons horses come to Glory Days are they won't stand still when you would like to sit and chat and/ or won't gait "except uphills" well, slow or fast - How's that?

When we got a call to train "Brody," the story his owner told us was this: "Brody" was in his stall, and the owner was in the aisleway. She picked up her jacket to put it on and suddenly, WHAM! "Brody" had slammed himself into the corner and was shaking. She said he was terrified. He truly needed someone to understand him and show him life is good and humans aren't predators. Have a look at him now. Mounting the first time, three-year-old "Brody" did exactly what he was taught.

Mounting for first time ...

Okay, show us what you learned ... Hear that velcro?

And here we are ... "Look at me!"

"Wow! I can walk with Steve up there! ... I am calm, calm, calm."

Checking "Brody's" progress, and he's doing very well indeed! By the way, "Brody" is three-years old.   

Off to teach a horse about a dog ...

This horse has never been around a dog, but Ranger seems to make him comfortable.

This beautiful mare came to us extremely side and gut sensitive from rasp misuse. She bucked everytime she was stroked. No hope of riding until it was fixed. Great mare!

Picking up her horse, Heather checks out what her boy learned. What a great horse!

This very nice RMH gelding came to us 'nervous.' His biggest "let me outta here" fear was carriages. In the end, he was watching them being harnessed and riding with them. Great horse! Perfect Ending!

This icelandic came in to train and everyone fell in love with her. "Perla" left here ready for Mary to ride.

This is the first time "Jeb" (Tom H.'s big boy) has been tied to a trailer in a public place:

Anne and "Baby" This owner had been told by several people this horse was "not fixable" - truthfully - very few horses are not fixable. This is how it started:

This is how it ended:

Another happy rider and another grateful horse - finally someone understood her. Before you sell a horse you really like because of habits or dislikes or frightening performances, why not have him or her professionally trained?

Glory Days Farm - Dedicated Trail Horse Trainers
Steve is giving a demonstration on a just-finished horse

Through years of experience, we have come to believe that in order to properly teach any animal to respond to your requests, you first have to understand that animal. Thus, over the last several years, we have finished horses for owners who began to train their horses but were unable to accomplish their desired trail companion - which is: a mount to take you safely and competently down trails surrounded by the unknown.

Glory Days Farm - Dedicated Trail Horse TrainersSo, whether you are having normal problems with your trail riding companion - i.e., crossing water, crossing bridges, standing tied, standing calmly mounted, or separation - "you go, I'll stay" - or if you are dealing with other concerns, we would love to help you and your trail companion enter a new relationship.

We are always proud when folks come to visit Glory Days; we become truly excited about what they see in the horses at our farm. Please come and visit us and allow our horses to show you what they know and what they can do for you.


While you are visiting our online home, please take the time to browse through our photo galleries. All of our pictures tell the story of Glory Days Farm and allow our horses to show you what great companions they can be.

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