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Selling Your Horse

Parting Ways with Your Trail Companion

We promise to help you sell your horse and ensure you are happy with its new owner.
Plenty good to find a new home

Letting a horse go to a new home can be very difficult. Whether it is because you are breaking a bond or because you never developed one, it is not an easy task. Here is our promise to you: bring us your horse and we will do our very best to place him or her in the right home. First, we get your horse ready. Then, we take all the calls, handle all the questions, show your horse and let prospective new owners ride. We put your horse on our web site as well as other sites in order to find just the right new companion. Basically, we take the pressure off of you, saving you time and worry in the process. You can be as much involved or as little involved as you like. If you need help, give us a call and we will be glad to answer your questions.

We can help you with the difficult task of find your horse a new home.Please take a look at our Horses for Sale page to see some of the horses we are selling for others. You will find we are as committed as you are to finding the perfect home and next trail companion for your horse. We hope you enjoy browsing through our galleries. We appreciate your interest in our site. If you think we can be of assistance to you, please give us a call.

Photo Galleries

Gallery One

Gallery 1 - Teens first horse, trick horse, Steele Saddles & more

Gallery Two

Gallery 2 - Mounted Police, letters from buyers, & crossing water

Gallery Three

Gallery 3 - Children & Horses, the swimming horse, beach ride, crossing bridges, Texas here I come

Gallery Four

Gallery 4 - Standing tied, ground tied, separation, Ranger

Gallery Five

Gallery 5 - Trail riding with friends, standing calmly to be mounted