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Photo Gallery Five

Cheryl Visits Colorado

Above is Cheryl on one of her trips to Colorado. It is a busy time, herding cattle, branding calves and moving bulls. For "relaxation," it's barrel racing and pole bending! ALWAYS a fabulous time!

Mama Culler (Cheryl’s Mom) is
ready to go! Rain or shine!

We love visitors at Glory Days.
Give us a call and come see us.

Cheryl and her personal Rocky Mountain Horse "Shadow" stop to enjoy sights in Leatherwood, NC

Trail Riding With Friends

Trail riding with friends - two legged and four legged - God is good.

Monika & "Bello"

"Bello" with a new friend and human trail companion, Monika. >>Read More

Standing Calmly Mounted

Look closely at these horses; calm, quiet - and the rider too. Your trail companion MUST stand calmly when asked, it's a matter of safety.

Jan & Her Rocky Mountain Kids, "Hope" & "Bello"

(from Wisconsin) We retrained these two and got them ready for their new human trail companions. We have found both of Jan's horses great homes. You can see more in Testimonials.

Glory Days Farm Farrier

Meet Nick, Glory Days farrier. You have heard: “No feet, no horse” - we disagree - it’s, “No Nick, no feet, no horse." Nick has knowledge and patience, patience, for the young ones.

Glory Days Farm is a pretty calm training farm. "Paly" and "Dakota" - We're all laid back here and we're all friends and companions.

Even this little newborn fawn is comfortable roaming around Glory Days.

Mama Culler, Cheryl and Clara. "Starfire" getting an overdose of love and attention.

We want to thank you for having a look at Glory Days Farm and we hope it gave you a few smiles. If you're looking for a trail companion, or if we can assist you with a horse you already have, we invite you to come and meet our "students." Until then, may all your days be "Glory Days"

Cheryl and Steve

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