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Photo Gallery Four

Standing Tied

Not standing tied seems to be a behavioral problem alot of people and their horses don’t understand. Without realizing it, alot of people we’ve helped with this in past years have actually 'taught' their horses that "to be tied is a bad and spooky thing". Then, when the horse pulls back to free himself from this "spooky" situation, people don’t understand it. Whether tied to a tree or a trailer - calm is the word. Look how nicely our "students" stand. Let us fix this for you - then you can relax and enjoy!

Your horse must stand tied and behave.

Ground Tying

Separation - "You Go, I'll Stay"

There’s alot of horses out there that believe their place is "nose to tail" with the guy in front of them, or "where he goes, I go". While herd instinct is a common excuse, proper trail manners can be taught. Let us help you and your horse with perfecting those trail manners. Have a look at the photos below and the distance we can put between these guys.

There are three other horses nearby.
Look at the distance.

Three other horses wait
on the hill to get their drink.

We were passed by these riders

Horse Cheryl is riding (taking photo) was made to stand while Steve's horse proceeded.

You can see the ears of
horse Cheryl is riding

... waiting calmly while she takes photos

Cheryl took one horse to the trailer
while Steve teaches his to stand and wait.

People who bought these horses from us are testing our "stand and wait" training.


Angie & "Buffy"

Angie invited us to join her and "Buffy" at Morrow Mountain to see the Fall colors. Angie bought "Buffy" from us about a month before this ride. It was great fun and these two are definitely a team.

Meet "Ranger"

This adopted dog has become a wonderful addition to our family. "Ranger" is a Harrier.

There are great days when you are a working horse dog - and THEN ...

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