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Photo Gallery Two

"Romeo" and "Dusty"

Several years ago, we sold two of our personal perfect geldings to a family who desperately needed extremely safe horses. These horses ended up being mistreated and abused - simply because they were too kind to "fight back" or hurt a child.

We picked them up in September 2010. One was starved and scared to death of everything. The other was also very timid and we later found out that the child handling him had never been scolded by her parents. She did as she pleased, no matter how mean she was. Her parents were spoken to by show judges regarding the mistreatment of the horse. Still, there was no change. I'm told the abuse was terrible. At one point he was beaten in his trailer to the point where he tried to lay down to avoid the pain. This abuse was administered by someone calling themselves a "trainer" in their town. We are finding the term "trainer" is being thrown out by a lot of people nowadays. As a result of all this, that horse spent a week at N.C. State upon his return to Glory Days Farm and he nearly died. His name is "Romeo." He was Cheryl's horse and she sold him to make a little girl safe and happy. They say he lived because of prayers and his will to be back at Glory Days.

The other horse was scared to the point that only we could ride him. He did not like strangers.


Cheryl will never let "Romeo" leave again - here is my happy, healthy, beautiful boy!


This is "Dusty" - the other unfortunate horse with Cheryl at Morrow Mountain.


N.C. State Mounted Police

AWHILE BACK THE N.C. STATE MOUNTED POLICE contacted us here at Glory Days Farm and inquired if we'd be interested in having one of our horses "join the force". They had been on our web site previously and had talked with some people about our Mountain Horses and our training. We were thrilled! How lucky could a horse get?! Our boys tried to catch the balls and chew the tarps, put the police vests on by themselves, and eat the loud, smokey flares! The officers couldn’t stop laughing and said they'd never seen anything like it. Both these boys were 4 yrs. of age, the black gelding was not even finished under saddle yet. Well, we thought we’d share some of the "lack of excitement" we all shared.

N.C. State Mounted Police Officers

"All this looks really interesting"

"Burley", new toy

"Oh, does this go on my head?"

"Mmm, that feels good"

"Flare! Looks interesting"

This female officer loved "Rambler." We decided a teenage girl was best for this horse. "Rambler" now has a BFF. Our horses might be happier just trail riding and seeing all the sites the woods have to offer.

Susie & "Sugar"

"Sugar" came to Glory Days for training, what a nice horse. We took some photos before he left, then Susie sent this note and photos:

Cheryl and Steve - No doubt one of my best decisions as a horse owner and trail rider was sending "Sugar" to you for training! Most important, we were both taught the skills we need to continue to grow as trusting trail companions. He absolutely loves learning new things to do (you can almost hear his brain working!).

Thank you again - take care - Happy Trails - Susie and "Sugar"

Wow! The two of you are fabulous and we wish you many safe & fun trail rides. See you on the trails, Cheryl & Steve

Ranger on Ellen

Left: Someone put this photo on Facebook. It ended up on ELLEN DEGENERES' "Sneaky Pets" Photo series. Congrats Susie, "Sugar" and "Ranger!" Celebrities!

Yep, that's a perfect ground tie.

Cheryl & Steve with "Sugar". If we could just get him to calm down!

Susie checks his "fear factor" when she gets him home.

"So how long do I have to carry this thing on my head?"

Crossing Water

Horses must drink at creeks and other water sources and cross one at a time and calmly.

The Stallion

Meet Kay and her STALLION, "Elvis." Wanting to be able to take her stallion out on trail rides to keep him healthy, Kay asked us to make it happen. Sixty days later, here they are on their first trail ride at Moss in Southern Pines. How'd we do?

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