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Welcome to Glory Days Farm... we love training horses; and that's a good thing since we've been at it for over 30 years. This is our full time occupation and we pride ourselves in turning out exceptional trail companions for both the young and not so young, the experienced and not so experienced! If you are looking to purchase a trail companion, please look at our Horses for Sale. You may want to give us a call as sometimes the horses are sold before they arrive on site due to people visiting to check on new arrivals. Thank you for coming to our photo galleries. We truly hope you enjoy these magnificent trail horses.

Michael Lyons Visits Glory Days Farm

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Michael came to Glory Days and tried a gaited horse. It was a great visit. In chatting on the phone with Jodi and John, we hope they will come in the future to see Michael and have a visit. Like I said, Jodi, we have a sweet little gaited guy just your size! What a nice family!



When people ask why we take the kind of time we do to place our horses with the right companion, there are an abundance of answers to that question. When we received this letter from a teen named Connor about her horse Jake, we thought it might shed some light as to why we have such a passion for putting the right horse with the right rider.

Meet Connor & "Jake"

Connor is a teen with a mother (Ruth) who shares her passion for horses

Meet Connor and Jake

Meet Connor and Jake

Connor and Jake

Dear Cheryl and Steve,

I want to start off by saying thank you for all you have done for me. I have learned so much from you all and hope to learn a lot more. "Jake" is amazing and I know I have the best horse in the whole world. I thank God for him and both of you everyday. "Jake" is so much more than a horse - he is my best friend. When I see "Jake" gaiting towards me, nothing else matters. I tell people I found this horse, but the truth is,"Jake" found me. From the first hug he gave me, he had my heart. "Jake" is a huge part of my life now and will be as we grow old together.

Connor and "Jake"

If there were more Connors (young, old, male, female) in the world, horses everywhere would have the lives they deserve. Thank you, Connor, for your ability to care. Lucky "Jake!"

Rick & "Lucky"

Rick and "Lucky"Rick and "Lucky"Rick and "Lucky"

"Lucky" is Rick's first trail companion. Rick is a retired teacher and he was fortunate enough to find "Lucky" at Glory Days so he can ride off into retirement. See how Rick rewards his pal with a birthday party to say thanks for being such a good trail companion.

Trick Horse

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Some of you may remember "Dillon" - Cheryl bought for Steve a couple of years ago. "Dillon" never grew enough to carry Steve comfortably (A horse should not carry more than 20-percent of his own weight, including tack, gear, food, etc.). We trained him and found the perfect match for him, Karyn. Karyn has sent this to us and asked us to put it on the web. We are sure the following will make you smile. (Karyn changed the spelling of his name - "Dylan")


I was in the right place at the right time when "Dylan" picked me to be his partner. At that time, I didn't truly appreciate "the gift" Steve and Cheryl give these horses before they leave Glory Days. Since I am a dog trainer, I decided to try teaching "Dylan" some tricks. He "got it" immediately, learned fast and couldn't get enough. He liked to explore everything with his mouth, so I gave his mouth jobs to do, instead of correcting him for being inquisitive. I don't know who has more fun, my horse or me. I know you can't wipe the smile off my face. He does all the tricks on his own now, just for attention. I can move him with a finger or a word, never need to "catch" him, and if he gets loose, he doesn't leave like many horses would. Did I mention "Dylan" is my very first horse!! And about that "gift" from Cheryl and Steve, they train these horses with love, respect and kindness so they would only know trust and good things about us humans. I would call that proper socialization and no baggage. Spending time with "Dylan" on the ground taught me what a treasure my young horse truly is, the wonderful mind he has and the great bond that could develop between us. It's our job to keep "the gift" going so we always have the horse everyone else only wishes for! My thanks to Cheryl and Steve for starting all our horses off right.


Heather, Abby & Emma
Meet "Lexington" & "Princeton"


Heather tries "Princeton"
(Foxtrotter) for the family.


"Princeton" really enjoys all these
ladies - Heather, Emma & Abby.


"Yep! He's a keeper.
We'll take him!"


Now it's time for Heather to see
how "Lexington" (Foxtrotter) does.


Getting along nicely.


Not to be left out, Emma
has to see if he suits her.


"Abby says she has a brand new friend!"


"Another keeper!" We'll take him too!"




How fortunate - we found the two horses we needed for everyone to ride at Glory Days - and it was fun and easy!

Note: Two days later Heather contacted us to say they had taken these boys to their cattle. Neither horse paid any attention as the cows followed them along the fence line. The horses acted as if they'd done this all their lives. Well, surprise, they'd never seen a cow! That is why proper trail training is so important. It's all about accepting whatever comes along - Oh happy day!


Karyn and "Dylan" set out on a trail ride with Sue and "Beau". We trained "Beau" for Sue.

Steve preparing to cross the road as Cheryl and two others come quickly from behind and there’s passing traffic - onward he went - good boys!

Kocky Mountain Horse on NATRC
This photo shows Cheryl (Note it’s not even Cheryl’s tack - look at her feet). Photo taken by a person in a crowd of people, horses and dogs - the horse never even looked.


We always said: "you can ride pretty".

Cheryl taught "Traveller" to stop and look for traffic - not to go until asked to.

Learning to hold his gait. 3 year old Rocky Mountain Horse. When "finished" he will go with loose rein.

Charlotte & "Wills"




"Wills" is one of the kindest and safest horses that's ever come our way. Charlotte and "Wills" have a great time when she visits from England. When Charlotte isn't visiting, Cheryl is the lucky rider. We took these photos of "Wills" and Charlotte going out for a ride and returning. We couldn't resist putting these up for you to see.




You will see Steele Saddles on all of our horses. We do not sell them; we simply recommend
them because we know Eric and Wayne can fit your horse. We do have demos for you to try - FREE!
Come and ride with us and try a Steele - you will be AMAZED! You will be grateful and so will your horse.

Visit the online home of Steele Saddles to learn more.


Steve and "Doc," Mt. Rogers, VA. Endurance, endurance!

Cheryl and her RMH "Shadow" at a NATRC ride. Fourth out of 93, even with deductions for 'not trotting out'- we'll take it!

Cheryl and "Shadow" on a cold NATRC ride. Both wearing their winter coats.


At Glory Days everyone rides! - "Cisco"


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